IIAM is the best Modeling & Acting Institute in Kolkata with Portfolio and Assingment support to its students.

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    IIAM is the Best Modeling & Acting Institute in Kolkata

    IIAM is the best Modeling Institute in Kolkata and also it is the best modeling Course in kolkata. Our acting and modeling institute has got decades of experience.

    IIAM is an institution that sets out to put the needs of the students ahead of every other interest. It is in this background that this institute has taken so many important steps: providing a learning ambience that encourages creativity; and creating a campus that has all the facilities that a technical institute must have.

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    We embodies top notch infrastructure and experienced professionals for providing modeling course, acting course & dance course in one program with the training to the students.

    IIAM’s purpose is to develop our student’s natural talent while at the same time building skills that will be valuable to them for the rest of their life. All you need in life is a CHANCE, to be successful. IIAM will give you all necessary tools to be successful in this Glamour world..

    IIAM provides the Best Modeling & Acting Courses in Kolkata

    Acting School In Kolkata


    Embark on a transformative journey to become An actor in next 6 Months. Get an opportunity to work in TV advertisement, Walk the ramp and became the celebrity of your dreams.
    Modeling Institute In Kolkata


    Became a Professional Model by Joining Modeling Classes by IIAM. The 6 Months course for Modeling at IIAM institute is concentrated on Preparing the complex details of the Glamorous Career.
    Acting & Modeling Institute

    Acting & Modeling

    Became a Actor And Model in next 6 Months Get an Opportunity to work in Tv Advertisment, grace the runway, and Fulfill your aspirations Of becoming celebrity you have always envisioned.
    Professional Course In Acting, Modeling And Dancing

    Duration 6/9 Months

    Course Highlight

    We Got a TALENT. Just Hire and Get Your Job Done.

    IIAM Kolkata best Acting & Modeling institute Where You Can get to Know the best Talent in The Industry

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    Procedure 1: “Walk-in”

    1.Prospective students can walk – in directly to the institute and get the counseling done by the counselor.

    2.Obtain the application form, complete the required formalities and fees.

    3.Wait for the call for the selection procedure.

    Procedure 2: “Register-ONLINE”

    1.Download the application form from the website, complete the required formalities and fees as mentioned in the application form and send it to us.

    2.Wait for the call for the selection procedure.



    International Institute of Acting and Modeling – Course Basic Information

    Course Duration4, 6, 9, Months
    Courses AvailableActing & Modeling
    AttractionsAssignments, Portfolio, Fashion Show, Shoots
    CareerActor, Model, Ramp Walk, Model Shoot, Serials, Theatre, Consultant, reality shows etc.
    EligibilityMinimum 10 Years Old
    Institute LocationKolkata



    Best Modeling Institute & Acting Schools in Kolkata:

    Everyone in this world wants to look smart and beautiful. Modeling nowadays is not just limited to ramp walks but also goes onto print media, promotional content, ad films etc. Our modeling institute is one of the best in Kolkata. We have seen an increasing demand for the models in the last few years since almost all the products requires models to complement them.

    This modeling institute in Kolkata focusses on teaching the most intricate details of this s career to each and every student. Our modeling institute in Kolkata takes you through all the important questions like – how to become a model?, an insight into the industry, profession grooming and much more.

    One of the major USPs of IIAM as one of the best modeling institute in Kolkata is that we help you prepare for all kinds of mainstream modeling career be it fashion, ramp, product etc.

    Basic eligibility criteria for joining this modeling institute in Kolkata is that you need to have cleared Primary School.

    Why choose IIAM as an acting schools in Kolkata?

    1) Our acting Institute in Kolkata has got decades of experience which makes us one of the most sought after one.
    2) Our faculties are experienced artists of the industry.
    3) Unlike other acting institutes in Kolkata, IIAM acting course comes with a proper syllabus.
    4) At our acting Institute in Kolkata, we don’t believe in teaching acting. We turn our students inside out to help bring out the actor inside them.
    5) Our acting Institute in Kolkata is known for its innovative and unique acting techniques which will last a lifetime.

    IIAM has been ranked as one of the best Acting institute in Kolkata.

    At IIAM, we believe that –
    “An actor is a piano and acting is the painist’.
    At one of the best Acting institute, we understand that acting as a craft can be divided into 4 parts:

    1) The Outlook training:- 
    This is one of the most important part of the course at our acting institute in Kolkata. We analyse the student on the areas on which we need to work upon.
    2) The instrument:- This is our specialisation as one of the best Acting institute in Kolkata. This involves improvement in voice quality, diction, speech, accent etc.
    3) The Craft:- We follow the behaviorial training and method training approach to teach our students.
    4) The technique :- We teach the student the technique to face the camera by help of practical and live examples.

    All those who get a chance to enroll with this best Acting institute in Kolkata get the following after the course completion:

    1) Certificate
    2) Monologues as a part of the showreel
    3) Recorded scenes in class

    At IIAM, we offer acting courses in reasonable acting course fees in Kolkata. We are known for offering most affordable acting course fees in Kolkata.

    What all do we offer inside this acting course fees in Kolkata?

    1) Workshops in coordination with industry experts.
    2) Body language, voice modulation, diction and speech, film appreciation, guest lectures, scene works etc.
    3) Experience in front and back of camera

    Seeing the covid times, we are also offering online acting classes at affordable acting course fees in Kolkata.

    Career in Acting and Modeling

    IIAM It is always good to join an acting and modeling institute as they can train you professionally and then can put you in touch with some legitimate modeling agencies. It is always a good idea to check for the reviews before joining any modeling courses near me.

    One of the most important parts of being a successful model ifs to handle rejection in the most positive way possible. Do not lower your self esteem on someone’s approval of your looks. Make yourself feel better and look better. Work on your body which includes skin, hair and nails. You must understand that modeling is a purely aesthetically driven industry.

    What looks good, sells here. Posing and walking are an integral part of modeling. Good poses separates a beautiful model from a successful model. And do remember to be prompt. Answer your calls, email and everything else promptly. You can take nothing for granted in this industry.

    Acting is not about to learn or learn. Either you have it or you do not have it. Further you have to earn it by training. And there are several schools in and around the city that offer round the year acting training programs. And one of the best acting institute in Kolkata.

    Acting and Modeling

    About Doing The Courses Together:

    Models pose for artists, photographers, or customers to help advertise a variety of product, including clothing, cosmetics, food, and cars. Having the right look and talent is inherited genetically. Professional models constantly look good in front of a camera, show the expression(s) needed on cue, show up on time, and make the shoot go quickly, efficiently, and successfully.

    The part after the genetics is what makes a professional model and leads to a career in modeling. If you are going to work in front of the camera you need to be photogenic and this you won’t know until you do a test shoot. Acting is an art of self-discovery; your craft is based on a close study of relationships, emotions, actions and your talent seen in every gesture you make in front of camera.

    Frequently Ask Question

    Because of the rapid rise of the modeling industry, a great number of Kolkata students have chosen modeling as a career. It is one of the most attractive professional options available to Kolkata’s young people. It takes time to develop, but once established, the sky is the limit.

    Modeling institutes in Kolkata offer a variety of courses, including basic modeling courses, ramp-walk training, Portfolio Development, Grooming, acting and expression training, fitness and nutrition, industry workshop and guest lectures.

    The eligibility requirements differ depending on the institute and the programme. Students who have finished their class 8  education are generally able to apply for modeling course certificate programmes. IIAM also dedelighted to offer a specialized Child Modeling Class, designed to nurture the talents and potential of young individuals in the world of modeling.

    To be a successful in model in Kolkata, you need to have a good Posing, facial expressions, walking down the runway, and other talents are required for modelling. You can begin by practising in front of a mirror or enrolling in modelling classes at a reputable modelling Institute.

    IIAM provides an extensive programme that includes not only modeling training but also competence in offering lessons in dancing and other necessities. Similarly, our faculty members gained experience in the glamorous field of modeling by intensive testing of knowledge and experience.

    To find the finest modelling institute in Kolkata that fulfils your needs and expectations, we recommend conducting extensive research and reading reviews and feedback from students and alumni.

    IIAM Kolkata is one of the best modelling schools in the city. It is strongly advised that you visit our website to learn more about the courses, faculty, infrastructure, and admission procedures.

    IIAM is the best acting school in Kolkata as it has a proven track record in Kolkata for the last 7 years. In Kolkata there are very few institute and among them IIAM is the one. IIAM offers courses which are market ready and train students to start their career in their acting field.

    Acting courses offered by leading institutions like IIAM in Kolkata typically have a duration ranging from 3 to 9 months.

    These acting classes offer a variety of courses in acting, including certificate programs, professional programs and diploma courses.

    While there are no guarantees of opportunities, many of these acting institute have a strong reputation in the industry and provide students with networking opportunities.