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Professional modeling is a tough business. Only certain people can stand up to the hard work schedule and stress that modeling demands. So what are some good traits for a model?

1) Love the Show – When you hear, ‘It’s show time’ or Time for magic’ do you come alive? If you love performing and being in front of an audience, whether it’s a room full of people or the eye of the camera, you will enjoy modeling.

2) Hard Working – A photo shoot can run as long as 16 hours and at all times of the day & night. And at the end of the day you still have to be in shape and look beautiful.

3) Projection – You must be able to project your personality, your charisma,and your sex appeal.

4) Intelligent – There is a lot to learn about modeling. If you can’t learn it fast you could get eaten alive.

5) Extrovert – You need to like new experiences, challenges, and meeting new people.

6) Good Self Esteem – Good self-esteem can help pick you up and get you through those tough times.

7) Ambition – For most, careers in modeling won’t come easy. You will have to be ambitious enough to achieve success.

8) Self-Starter – You must be able to take charge of your training, your physical upkeep, your finances and your life.

9) In Control – Thus You need to be able to control your health (size and fitness).

10) Organized – You have to keep track of your schedule, and your body’s upkeep.

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Similarly the Garment and Beauty product industries are large users of models. People want to see what clothes or beauty products look like on somebody. As well as Your high-fashion, designer-label garments are designed for what fashion designers view as the “ideal man or woman.”
If you are going to work in front of the camera you need to be photogenic, and this you won’t know until you do a test shoot.
On the money – Top High Fashion models (there are just a handful of these folks) make more money then any other models (I have seen incomes as high as 2 crore Rupees a year).

By contrast a model doing a fashion show at a local mall may get paid 500 to 2000/-. Most beginners will earn almost nothing initially. This shows the wide range of income one might expect in fashion modeling.


Vogue, Elle, Femina, Cosmopolitan, etc. – these and many other magazines today that focus on fashion have lots of editorial pages they must fill each month. Although Many of these editorial pages feature models wearing what the magazine thinks will be the next trend in fashion.

Editorial work does not pay as well as other types of high fashion modeling but it is great for building a model’s reputation and getting tear sheets for one’s portfolio.


Clothing designers traditionally show their new collections twice a year (Fall and Spring) to prospective (store) buyers by sending models down a ramp or runway. How well a model brings the clothes to life and shows important features of the garments can determine how well they sell.

So it is worth it to a designer to have the most ideal models show these collections. Eventually, this leads to why models have to meet very strict requirements and why they get such high fees for this type of work (5,000 to 50,000/-). These young models tend to be very tall, slender and move very well in clothes.

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